Bring a Pass Around!

It's Better and Cheaper!


In planning this reunion we wanted to get away from catered, institutionalize fare. 

It is expensive, there are limited selections and there is a certain je ne sais quoi quality that often does not justify the price.


Our goal is to provide a wide variety of home made food to share to enhance the picnic meal just like we all do at a family gathering.


With this, we can reduce the costs of the event and give you a chance to show off your special culinary creations. 




Be Part of a Legacy!

When you bring a pass around, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a memorable meal AND pass on your special dish in the 2020 Joint Reunion Cookbook. 

A picture of your dish, the recipe and whatever history you choose to share will be compiled in a digital format as either a .pdf or eBook and will available on this site for download.

Here is an example of what you might expect in the cookbook.


Your contribution to the meal as well as to the digital cookbook will remain as a reminder of the food and wonderful friendships we share.  

And if you choose not to bring a pass around but want to include a favorite recipe

(if you dare to part with it)

send it in to be included, too! 

So, What Am I Doing Now?

*Bring A Pass Around

There is no limit on the types of dishes you may want to consider. 

From hot or cold potato salad to Chili, BBQ, Chicken Bog, Salad, Dessert. 

All will be welcomed!

**You must provide serving utensils. 

We will provide place settings, eating utensils and napkins.

*Prepare Enough For You and 6 Others

(Me +3 +3)


*Bring Your Dish In A Disposable Container

We will be serving buffet style. 

Any leftovers will be donated to the Lions Club for distribution to local charities

(and you won't have to worry about hunting down your dishware afterwards).

If you are preparing a crock pot dish or otherwise require an electric outlet, let us know so we can make appropriate arrangements. 

*Send In Your Recipe

Folks just may want your recipe so send it to be included in the digital recipe book OR have it available to distribute at the meal either on paper sheets or 3x5 recipe cards.

Clicking on the button above will open up an email.

  1. Attach a copy of your recipe in what ever format you have available (.pdf, .doc, .docx) or just type it in the body of the message. 

  2. Tell us a little about the history of your recipe.

  3. Hit 'Send Your Recipe' and it will be included to the Reunion Recipe Book

  4. Bring your creation to the reunion picnic! 

Here is one of my favorites!


The story benind this recipe is there are great differences in a good pork BBQ sandwich even between South and North Carolina.  My daughter who lives in North Carolina swears that her's is better while here in South Carolina, we say ours is the best.  This has been a point of pride and was even tested at a family reunion in the moutains of South Carolina a few years ago. 


The verdict?  Both are awsome!

Now Send Us One of Your Own!




Come Together

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